Acquisition policy

The Mundaneum manages archives and documents of private origin, from individuals or legal entities (individuals, associations, etc.) that can contribute to shedding light on the contemporary history of pacifist, feminist, anarchist and libertarian movements, primarily Belgian, or presenting a rare character, or whose preservation is in danger.

Archives can take different forms:

  • Correspondence, meeting minutes, notes, notebooks, diaries…
  • Photos, posters, postcards, engravings…
  • Books, brochures, magazines.
  • Stickers, badges, banners, propaganda materials…
  • Testimonies (oral history).
  • Audiovisual recordings.
  • Digital files.

Do you want to secure the documents of your association? Do you keep the archives of a family member or acquaintance? Or perhaps you have made unexpected discoveries in your attic and would like to know if your treasures have historical value?

Are you looking for a suitable place to store archives, photographs, leaflets, books, and magazines?

Are you involved in an association and would like advice on how to preserve the traces of your activities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

The archives you entrust to us will never be opened to the public without your permission. We pay great attention to the proper management of private information.

Why entrust your documents to the Mundaneum?

to ensure their long-term preservation;

to stimulate historical research by scientists and readers frequenting our institution;

to contribute to the memory of our society.

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